Wettest Effluent Treatment (Pty) Ltd (Reg: 2013) and Regional Waste Water (Pty) Ltd (Reg: 2020) renders services to various waste water and water treatment industries such as the poultry, tannery and mining industries.

We focus on the treatment of waste water/effluent treatment, offering chemical, mechanical and biological solutions and offer customized solutions and equipment. We formulate and blend our own chemicals for specific requirements as well as supplying the correct bacteria and mechanical solutions for biological waste water treatment.

Services Include

Treatment of various chemical challenges within water like the presence of iron, nitrogen etc

Water separation

Organic separation

Specific Treatment of chrome removal in water

Reduction of sulphide in water

Reduction of sulphide in water

Water oxidation

Water separation

Odour control systems

Our History

Wettest Effluent Treatment (Pty) Ltd with its sister company, Regional Waste Water Treatment (Pty) Ltd and Bertie van Staden share a combined history of knowledge and experience of 30 years in waste water services, servicing some of the biggest clients in their industries.

With a background in microbiology we have a wider understanding of chemical results and influence.

Our experience in the supply of various chemicals to the cleaning, water treatment and waste water industries have greatly increased our knowledge and insight and enabled us to produce our own formulations and blends for various applications.

Our laboratory offers water analysis and we offer the required proposal for different challenges and requirements. Water analysis includes both chemical and biological analysis.

We offer regular site visits to follow up and train operators in waste water treatment and the operation of systems and processes like DAF machines, dewatering centrefuges and beltpress or screw press equipment.

We ensure the correct equipment for the specific requirements and offer the supervision of installations and setups.

We also design our own equipment for fabrication under our WETSOL brand through which we offer customized engineered and manufactured equipment imported for specialized requirements.

We are your go-to water specialists and pride ourselves in our ability to resolve any problem no matter how big!

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